The Complete Guide to Gmail

The Complete Guide to Gmail will help you learn how to be a power user.

Getting to Know Gmail

This series is intended to help you master the important and useful features of Google’s Gmail and its simple but smart interface. By the end of these lessons, we’ll take you from a rookie to a power user.

The Mobile App, Composing Mail, and Conversations

In this lesson, we’ll continue our tour of Gmail interface by covering the Gmail app, specifically the Android version. Then we’ll finally get to the good stuff by showing you how to compose messages and how you can easily follow your messages with Gmail’s unique conversation view.

Inbox Management and Labels

In today’s lesson, we’re going to help you understand how to better categorize your inbox and organize your messages with labels and some predefined but configurable tabs.

Mail Filters and the Star System

Today’s School lesson will broaden our discussion of labels in Gmail to include filters and then move onto tracking important emails with stars.

Attachments, Signatures, and Security

In this lesson, we focus on attachments and how you can spruce up your email messages with a personalized signature.

Invitations and Vacation Responders

We’re next going to talk about event invitations. Integration of Google Calendar in Gmail allows you to send event invitations directly within Gmail without accessing Google Calendar. You can also add events from Gmail messages directly to Google Calendar.

Use Gmail as a Task List

For today’s lesson, we’re going to cover how to use Gmail as a task list. Gmail integrates a simple to-do list into your account. Google Tasks allows you to create lists of items, set due dates, and add notes. You can even create tasks directly from Gmail messages.

Multiple Accounts, Keyboard Shortcuts, and Remote Signout

In this lesson, we discuss how to use multiple accounts, sign out of your Gmail remotely, and how to use Gmail with keyboard shortcuts — one of the features that every power user needs to know.

Use Your Gmail Account to Access Other Accounts

After all we’ve shown you about how useful Gmail can be, you may decide to check all your email accounts (Hotmail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail, etc.) in Gmail. Luckily, Gmail can act as an email client and allow you to get email from other email accounts as long as they support POP access.

Power Tips and Gmail Labs

We wrap up our School series on Gmail by uncovering a few power user tips and closing things out with Gmail Labs features.

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