how to use ios 14

Apple Apple’s yearly iPhone update, iOS 14, is finally here. As always, the free download adds a handful of new features, tweaks, and enhancements to iPhones old and new. tmntag.cmd.push(function(){tmntag.adTag(‘purch_N_C_0_1’, false);}); Widgets on the Home Screen For the first time in iPhone history, the Home screen is changing. You can now place in-line widgets on […]

how to get ios 14

After a June 2020 reveal, iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 are finally available for public download today, September 16, 2020. As usual, Apple’s latest iPhone and iPad OS updates are available free of charge, and they can be downloaded and installed wirelessly over the air. Here’s how to get it. tmntag.cmd.push(function(){tmntag.adTag(‘purch_N_C_0_1’, false);}); iOS 14 and […]