how to turn off comments on facebook post

Instagram, for the most part, is a pretty lovely social network. People tend to post the good things that are happening in their lives, rather than rants about everything that’s wrong with the world. It keeps things positive.

Even still, there are times when you might want to post something and make it so people can’t comment. Maybe you’re announcing something and just don’t want unsolicited opinions. Whatever the case, here’s how to do it.

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For a New Post

When you’re posting a new photo to Instagram, at the screen where you add a caption, tap the “Advanced Settings” option.

Toggle the “Turn Off Commenting” to the on position.

And then tap the back arrow and continue to post as normal.

For an Old Post

If you want to turn off comments for something you’ve already posted, head to that post and tap the three little dots.

Tap the “Turn Off Commenting” option.

Now comments are off. To turn them back on, just reverse the process.

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