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How to delete contacts from your iPhone

Deleting contacts from your iPhone is easy, and there are several ways to do it. This article outlines the best way to delete a single contact, multiple contacts, or all of your contacts.

Perhaps it’s time for some house cleaning, or you just don’t need some contacts anymore. Whatever the case, here’s how to remove contacts from your iPhone.

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Delete a Single Contact

Go to Contacts and tap the contact you want to remove.

Step 1: Tap Contacts App Step 2: Locate and tap on a contact

Tap Edit > Delete Contact.

tap the edit button Tap Delete Contact

Confirm you want to delete the contact by tapping “Delete Contact.”

Step 4: Confirm delete

Delete All Contacts From a Source

iPhones can pull in contacts from email accounts such as Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo Mail. Overall, this makes it really easy to add and remove contacts on your iPhone. If you remove a contact from a linked account or from your iPhone (as described above) it will be removed in both places. To delete all contacts from a single source, you can either delete the entire account or just turn off contacts sync from that source.

You can find out which sources are linked by going to Settings > Passwords & Accounts.

Step 1: settings Step 2: Tap accounts

The accounts that sync contacts will have the word “Contacts” under it.

Step 3: tap the account

Tap the account from which you want to purge the contacts. From there you can turn off contacts sync by toggling the “Contacts” switch and tapping “Delete from My iPhone.”

either turn off contacts, or remove the account confirm deletion

You can also delete the entire account (mail, contacts, calendars, and notes) by tapping Delete Account > Delete from My iPhone.

Delete Some Contacts, but Not All of Them

This is where things get tricky. There is no way to delete multiple contacts on an iPhone (unless you’re deleting them all)—it’s all or nothing. However, all is not lost. You can delete those contacts from the source account, and those changes will sync to your iPhone. Depending on where your contacts are, there will be different ways to remove multiple contacts. Consult your provider’s documentation (e.g. Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail).

But now you’re thinking: what if they’re contacts I have saved in my iPhone and not in an account? Well, you’re in luck, because there’s a workaround for that. Go to and log in with your iCloud credentials.

Click “Contacts.”

Click Contacts

Select the contact you want to delete by Ctrl+clicking on them.

CTRL+Click the contacts you want to delete border

Press the Delete key on your keyboard and then click “Delete” in the dialog box that appears.

Click Delete

Once done, the changes will sync to your iPhone.

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