how to change the name of your iphone

The "About" menu on an iPhone.
Khamosh Pathak

When you first set up your iPhone, Apple gives it a generic, default name. This becomes its identity when you use AirDrop, pair to Bluetooth devices, or connect to a hotspot. If you’d prefer something else, though, you can change your iPhone’s name in iOS.

If you recently reset your phone’s settings, its name might just be “iPhone.” However, there’s an option in the “Settings” app to change your iPhone’s name to anything you want.

To do so, open the “Settings” app on your iPhone and tap “General.” You can also use Apple’s built-in Spotlight Search to locate “Settings” if you can’t find it on your device’s Home screen.

Tap "General."

Next, tap “About.”

Tap "About."

You see the current name of your device in the “Name” section; tap it.

Tap "Name."

On this screen, tap the “X” next to the current name of your device to delete it.

Tap the "X."

Type the new name of your iPhone in the text box.

Type the new name.

Tap “Done” on the keyboard to save your changes.

Tap "Done."

Now, when you go back to the “About” section, you see your iPhone’s new name.

The "Name" option in the "About" menu.

This isn’t just limited to your iPhone, either—you can use this guide to rename any computer, smartphone, or tablet.

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