how to watch star wars in order

Even if you’re not a die-hard Star Wars fan just about everyone is aware of how poorly received the prequels were and how much the changes and tweaks to the story upset loyal fans. The Machete Order proposes watching the films in a new sequence to save the story.

Rod Hilton has 99 problems and most of them are with what he sees as a hack job done in the Star Wars saga by the poor execution and ordering of the prequel movies. He’s not just a fan ranting about how lame Jar-Jar Binks is; his proposal essentially saves the plot of the series and orders the movies in such a fashion that major surprises are not spoiled (watching in the I to VI order, for example, ruins the Vader reveal among other elements of the story).

What does he propose? Watch them in this order: IV, V, II, III, VI. What’s missing? You never watch Episode I. His well thought out rant about how much the Machete Order improves the viewing sequence (and how much you gain by not watching Episode I) is so convincing we can’t even bring ourselves to summarize the important points here and detract from the enormous smack down he delivers–hit up the link below for a really interesting read into why you need to watch Star Wars in whole new way.

Star Wars: The Machete Order [via Wired]

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