how to delete apple id

Thanks to a new feature in iOS 10.3, you can now see (and remove) every device connected to your Apple account right from your iPhone.

You can also check the status of their Find My Phone and iCloud backup functions, check device info like model, version, and serial number, view and remove Apple Pay cards on the device. All this information gathered in a single place makes it extremely convenient to manage your stable of Apple devices.

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To access the new menu, simply launch the Settings app on any iOS device signed into your Apple account. The new layout of the Settings app puts the menu we need front and center: click on the profile link at the top of the screen to open up the Apple ID menu.

Scroll to the bottom of the Apple ID menu and you’ll see all the devices linked to your Apple account, including all iOS devices, Apple TVs, Apple Watches, and authorized computers—authorized computers being any Windows or macOS machine you’ve signed into either iTunes or the iCloud software with. We’ll select our iPad to take a closer look at the individual entries.

Here you can see a variety of information about the device, including the status of the Find My iPhone or iPad function, and the status of the iCloud backup (Note: if you haven’t enabled either of these functions on the device, these top two entries will be missing altogether).

In addition, you can also see the model number, the iOS version number, as well as the serial number of the device—which is super handy if you need to plug in the serial number for a warranty claim or the like but you don’t have the device right at hand. If the device has Apple Pay configured with an associated credit card, you can also remove individual cards in this menu as well.

Finally, and most usefully, you can remove the device from your account with the “Remove From Account” link at the very bottom. With a single tap and confirmation you can remove any device from your account but it’s important to understand what this accomplishes.

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This revokes access to any iCloud/Apple services (the person with the device will not be able to make any purchases with your account or access your account setttings) but it does not wipe the device. In order to remotely wipe a device, you need to have the “Find My” feature turned on for that device and you need to first wipe the device before removing it.

Once a device is removed, you can add it back into the Apple ID control panel by—you guessed it—signing back into the device with your Apple ID.

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